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Locablack is a local coffee brand company in Sabah, established in 2020. We mainly distribute and supply Arabica or Robusta coffee locally, to Hong Kong and China. The perfect taste of coffee is not only the bitterness but also reflect the life of a person who tasted it. It is also rich with sweetness to enhance one's life. We hope that Locablack's coffee will be the best companion of everyone's life.

Locablack 是沙巴本地咖啡品牌公司,成立於 2020年。目前我們主要在国内、香港及中国分銷和供應阿拉比卡或羅布斯塔咖啡。咖啡味道非常丰富,一杯黑咖啡,是生活的调味,是生活的品味;是苦是甜,完全在于品咖啡的人。希望Locablack的咖啡成为大家生活的调味和陪伴。